Start 2012 with a clean slate

Happy New Year!

The time for Resolutions is upon us.

It’s too early for Spring cleaning but who wants to tidy when the sun is peaking through and new life blooming? No-one. The time to clean is now, during the dark days and stormy weather. Keep the Spring open for new ideas and the outdoor world.

Meanwhile, huddled away from the cold and damp, take a moment to:

Blast away all social clutter!

Cull your Likes and Follows – if a Twitter account you’re following is not coming up with the goods – get rid of it and make space for someone more productive.

A good guide is to unfollow those with no profile image and no descriptive text. Reject them out if they are lazy and uncommitted, unless of course they provide great content.

If a Facebooker is throwing out too much junk, unlike it, you don’t have time for that!

Can’t find the button? Go to the Facebook page and the ‘Unlike’ link is sitting quietly on the bottom left sidebar.

If a LinkedIn group has become unresponsive and spammy, leave it.

LinkedIn is not so intuitive so if you don’t know, here’s how: To leave a LinkedIn group, go into the group, click “More”, then “My settings”. The “Leave Group” button is on the bottom right.

Finally, unsubscribe from overly zealous newsletters that don’t provide value for time-spent-reading.

There are incredible people out there offering great solutions and inspiring new ideas. Make space for them in your social accounts by cleaning out the time-wasters.

Here’s my pick of the New Year advice  I think worth reading to get you off to the best year yet:

 How are you starting 2012?


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